Megadeth - текст песни "Bad Omen"

Bad Omen

Solo - Poland

Down fell the stars, as they
Splashed into the sea
"Mi nomine Baphomet"
Come dance with me
Sacrifice the virgins
Spiritual rites
Their master's time has come
The moon is full tonight

Drinking, dancing,
They worship and toast
The Devil, who's watching
With demon's remote
Fire, rising,
Racing in your blood
Possessed, naive,
His service is done

It's the Sabbath

Solo - Mustaine

Bloody Sabbath, bad omen of the Goat

Solo - Mustaine

Bloody blasphemy

Solo - Mustaine

Sinister's the word
As the demon's take their fill
An orgy's taking place,
Human blood will spill
An act of worship
As they conceive the ghouls
Satan has their souls,
They sing pagan tunes

The ceremony
Is sure to be cursed
They wait for his blessing,
But down comes the worst
Their bodies soulless,
A corpse from the grave
Their minds are helpless,
And no one can save

No one can save, one can know! 

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