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Day Two: Isolation

I can't move, I can't feel my body
I don't remember anything
What place is this, how did I get here?
I don't understand, what's happening

Am I alone?

You've been deserted, everyone has left you
You know it's always been that way
Those frantic years, the people you've neglected
Now the time has come to pay

You're alone
No one here is dancing to your tune

Me: Is this a dream or is it real?
Reason: Sometimes the dream becomes reality
Me: But I don't know what to feel
Reason: Then I will guide you through this haze
Me: But who are you, why are you here?
Reason: I am you and you are all of us
Me: I can't think, my mind ain't clear
Reason: Then I will free you from this maze

Can't you feel it burn
Deep down inside?
Won't you ever learn
Don't try to hide

Can't you feel that fire
Scorching your soul?
A wounded man's desire
Out of control

I can't believe you're giving up
That's not your way
I can't believe you'd pass the chance to make them pay

You've always had complete control
Never thinking twice
You always called the shots, a heart as cold as ice

Me: You're all delusions of my mind
Reason: And so we are, we're all a part of you
Me: Am I a part of some design?
Reason: The one design is in your head
Me: How can it be, you look so real
Reason: We are as real as you imagine us
Me: I can touch you, I can feel
Reason: Then take my hand and follow me

Passion: chorus 1
Pride: chorus 2

Close your eyes, listen to your heart beat
Surrender to its soothing pulse
Silence the cries, gentle and carefree
Good or bad, true or false

You're not alone

You'll find me here whenever they oppose you
I am the strongest of them all
No need to fear these feelings that enclose you
I'm here to catch you when you fall

You're not alone
I am here, dancing to your tune

Passion: chorus 1
Pride: chorus 2 + ad libs

Описание песни

День второй: уединение. Находясь в коме, главный герой остается один на один со своими чувствами. 

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