Sub7even - текст песни "210"


sick of you calling my name
sick of you playing your game
get the fuck out of my face
ain’t got no time four you to waste

I don’t answer that shit
no - I won’t answer that all
I just want to smash ya
cos you are pissing me off

I’m on my way
step aside
time has come
get down to fight

shit will never change -
and you’ve got shit for brains
it’s up to you to think about
I want you to know - that I despise you
so go fuck off suck cocks in hell

I can’t believe what you are preaching
must be shit you’ve got for brains
don’t want to see your pointing finger
shove it up in your fucking ass

who has even asked you?
don’t tell me what I should do
call some triple x bitch
cos she might listen to you

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