Sub7even - текст песни "Smell The Coffee"

Smell The Coffee

I’m out on the night
I’m ready to fight
I’m angry as fuck - it’s killing time

I’m looking for you
the poor little fool
that I’m gonna break in two

you not gonna leave
with all of your teath
you run your face into my knee

I’m breaking your neck
I’m full on attack
this is my ellbow-check

on the corner of my life
you just backstabbed me with your knife
my killing instincts say
I’ll get you - I’ll get you yeahh

man you’re toast but you don’t know
I cannot wait to let you know
what it’s like when I
gung-ho-gung-ho yeahh

you ain’t got it
you can’t stop it
your adrenalin’s still high
cos your dad hit you too many times

you ain’t got it
you can’t stop it
you’re the biggest dick in town
smell the coffee - wake up now!

I’m feeling all right
still out on the night
I wonder if I still wanna fight

I’m downing some beers
a couple of shots
I’m down to my very last bucks

you’re looking so rich
you got a nice bitch
and all I got is just the itch

can you spend me some dough
but he just said no
I fucked him up and his ho

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