Rage - текст песни "Submission"


This is something that we worked on for "Execution guaranteed" in ’86, somehow we forgot all about it.

Shoot down the helpless - that’s nothing new
but I ain’t gonna be oppressed by you
Mister ruler - you bathe in blood
but you won’t get mine, I swear by god.

See all this dying
hear all this crying


Why do you wonna be always right
there’ no other way but to be on your side
but there ain’t no way to wipe out free will
it’ll keep on growing when you try to kill it

I won’t surrender
return to sender


Throw me in the dungeons
you won’t get me down - no you won’t
call me what you want now
I will get revenge - sweet revenge

No, you won’t get me
see what you’ve set free


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