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Farewell waltz

I’ll take you up in the middle of dream
Please get ready for the midnight dance
I’ve got sounds at three quarters to one

It’s farewell waltz
Yeah, farewell waltz, baby

It’s like snow falling down in may
Like shadows swinging in your eyes
You know, honey we cannot escape

It’s farewell waltz
Yeah, farewell waltz, baby

Beautiful, sensual
Delicate, not for all
But time files by
By all that blue
Happiness is just for few

Pick up flower fell it doesn’t smell
Someone out there made for us a break in time
We don’t know should we run from or pray

For farewell waltz, waltz
Yeah, it’s just a farewell waltz, baby
That’s nothing more than just a farewell waltz, honey
So don’t be afraid, let’s better, let’s better…

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